Sometimes the work around saves me, sometimes it’s a big fat fail.

So you know we got an air fryer and I’ve been trying some stuff out in there. Sure, it makes awesome tater tots and waffle fries and probably chicken nuggets, I wouldn’t know, but I’m trying to master using it for real food. There is potential here, I know it!

Anyway, after only one misstep I stumbled across the warning online that you shouldn’t spray Pam nonstick spray into the basket because something in the aerosol damages the basket material. I kinda think that warning should have been in the air fryer manual – yes, I’m one of those dorks who actually reads the manual for new appliances – but bygones. Once I knew I looked for the work around.

I’d previously bought an olive oil mister that I figured would work, until I pulled it out of the cabinet and got a big fat nothing when I pressed the pump. Nada. Yikes. I knew I needed to buy a new spray bottle/mister thing except we’ve kind of had some stuff going on so things slip through the cracks. Big surprise, a new olive oil mister was one of them. So when I decided to make fried chicken in the air fryer and realized I still hadn’t ordered the new mister it was time to find work around #3. Enter the dollar store spray bottle.

You know those little plastic things you fill with water to spritz your plants with? Well, we typically use ours to train Gracie (bwahahahaha!!) or Mia (double bwahahahaha!!) but you might use them on plants. Anyway, that was my plan #3. Pour in some olive oil and spritz away. This should work, right? Well yeah…in concept. Except it turns out I had chosen a spray bottle that only had a stream function, not a spray function. No bueno.

So basically instead of a light mist of oil over the cooking surface and flour coated chicken I had a full on assault. Oil the basket – POW POW POW! Spray the chicken – POW POW POW! They say half the battle is having the right tool and boy, were they ever right.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “spay/splay/spray.” Use one, use two, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!