We had us some Friday night pizza and it was…surprising.

You know how I said I won’t order things I know I make better myself? Well, pizza definitely falls in that area. Sure, some people do that whole homemade pizza night where kids gather around and build their own pies but this never caught my fancy even when I ate regular pizza. Now that I have to eat a gluten free crust? Well, you can’t pay me enough to attempt that on my own so ordering pizza is still an occasional treat.

I have to admit, I get pretty excited about it. Which is why it’s extra sad when the pizza’s less than thrilling. Which, let’s face it, is often the case with gluten free anyway but I digress.

Last night I did a Domino’s throwback because I have a favorite combination of toppings there and their GF crust isn’t half bad but this week’s version was kinda lukewarm and meh. We have a local place that makes fantastic GF pizza but (like everyone else) it only comes in small and the crust is so flat I can pretty much eat the whole thing in one sitting and nothing’s sadder than watching other people eat leftover pizza when you have none. Sure, I could order two, but I’d have to take out a loan to do it since everyplace on the planet price gouges on gluten free. Ugh.

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