1.  I don’t care about football. It’s not that I hate it, I just don’t feel strongly about any of the football things. It reminds me of Clarice doing color commentary in Steel Magnolias – sure, technically it’s football but not in the sport-y sense.

2.  Why do so many teams make part of their uniform white? WHITE?? This makes no sense to someone who does laundry.

3.  I don’t understand the whole Slime Zone thing. Is there a big Nichelodeon audience tuning in to this game?

4.  First female Super Bowl referee? Woo hoo! Go Team Girls!

5.  Commercials are forever and always the most interesting part of this event.

6.  The theme for this year seems to be flashback. Hello, Edward Scissorhands, nice to see you driving that fancy car.

7.  Yesterday was the perfect excuse for making seven different sorts of appetizers and snacking our way through dinner. Drat. I guess I’ll have to name a “Super Bowl Day Observed” and do it then.

8.  The halftime show was pretty good but why can’t I ever remember the channel that runs the Puppy Bowl? I can’t ever find it and you know how I feel about the fur babies.

9.  Wait, it’s not like cow patty bingo, right? ‘Cause football’s boring but not boring enough to tune into a dog poop competition.

10.  It’s amazing the goodies you can find when you’re only giving 37% of your attention to the tv. Check it out.

And I can watch the gymnast all day long. Sound UP! Bless.