…I could explain away July as an early siesta or beach holiday.

While Europe really nailed this whole life includes meaningful rest thing that’s not why I dropped off the map. Crap, now I have to counter that with I guess I did actually travel this month. Except travel in an incredibly stressed out, non-restful way. Not like a cultural, sightseeing filled trip because of course people come home exhausted from that. More like brain filled to the brim with no way to stop spinning travel.

Good lord, anyone else feel like they’re on a hamster wheel with this post? Stop, reset, start over.

I’m sorry I dropped out of sight without a word. I’ve got…stuff. Too much stuff to put a finger on it, y’know? Health stuff and family stuff and world stuff and basically a crap ton of stuff pouring down on my head.

My writing prowess is on full display today, let me tell you.

Then a few weeks ago my kiddo was in a serious car accident. We’re extraordinarily blessed because he walked away with minor injuries but to say I’m been unmoored since is an understatement. I’m counting trying to put a post together as a win today.