Shortcuts have almost gone the way of the dinosaurs.  Not amongst the driving crowd, but for the kiddos?  I don’t hear a lot about shortcuts these days.

I blame it on the hoverboard/go cart/four wheeler companies.

Nobody uses their legs anymore which was, frankly, the primary reason for developing shortcuts.  Walk the eight blocks to your pal’s house, or cut through a parking lot and three backyards to get there in five minutes.  That was a no brainer in my day (“in my day” – snort!), but now?  Now they need roads for their hoverboards and their go carts and their freaking four wheelers.  That’s how they get to their friends’ houses after school.  That’s also how they end up calling you to say they’re gonna be late because their battery died or they ran out of gas.

Don’t talk to me about the ironies of a 12-year-old being late home because they ran out of gas.

In our neighborhood there’s a proliferation of golf carts.  (No, we’re not eighty years old.)  Used to be I saw all the adults using them to get to neighborhood parties, but lately it’s my kids’ friends who are doing the driving.  Bear’s pal comes to pick her up from the other side of the neighborhood in their golf cart and BrightSide and I are all damn, girl, ride your bike and get some exercise! You can cut through the park to make the ride shorter.  But nope.

Today’s shortcut is finding something with a battery or engine to get you from point A to point B.

Linda’s stream of consciousness Saturday is a fun prompt each week.  This week’s prompt is “shortcut/cut short.”