It’s SoCS squared.

You know you’re looped in modern day America when there’s yet another lockdown on a college campus and you’re surprised to hear it’s from a knife attack.

Don’t talk to me about guns being a “culture” or “lifestyle,” I’m sick of hearing it.  You want to hunt?  Shoot targets with your son on Saturdays?  Protect your home from intruders?  Fine.  Buy a gun.  Buy two.  But don’t tell me you need enough weapons to arm a militia, this isn’t colonial times.

Is arm asymmetry a thing?  My dominant arm is negligibly stronger, and I’m pretty sure that’s typical.  Or are there people running around with identical arms?  What kind of gym time would it take to even things out?  Nope.  Not worth it.

Now for the ultimate, breakdown, I’ve-had-a-beer-or-two-so-forgive-my-rambling “arm” SoCS.

  • farmers – the reason I don’t starve to death.  for real.
  • alarming – adjective; See gigantic furry spiders, rising water levels, and open flames around gas tanks
  • warmest – often me, in any room I occupy
  • charm and disarm – not my skill

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompts fall on Saturdays.  This week’s prompt is “arm.”