Normally this isn’t a problem. I scarf down some dinner and get the evening schedule underway then I open my laptop to crank out my post. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be distracted at least five more times, twice that if Gracie’s in a scampy mood, so it’s not like I’ll actually finish a post quickly. But I’m all in because it’s about determination and persistence and late night chips.

Except I’m adjusting to new morning schedules, some of which are not at all accommodating when it comes to writing after midnight, so I’ve been pushing to do daytime writing. My even more ambitious goal is finishing prior to school pickup but let’s not lie, sometimes that’s just a pipe dream.

But my biggest problem tonight is swimming.

What are you talking about, Laura? Swimming is the most civil sport out there, what could possibly be your problem with swimming??

I guess we need to start – and end, really, since I don’t have problems with swimming per se – with the fact that T-man practices at 5:30. In the morning. FIVE-THIRTY IN THE MORNING. BrightSide’s taken the bullet on this one. He’s driven him to every practice so far this season thus earning enough sainthood points to catapult himself right into upper level angel status on the other side.

But tomorrow morning I’m taking a swing at it. Somehow I’ll need to a) wake up to a 5:00am alarm, b) actually get out of bed instead of beating my phone into submission, c) be sure I don’t leave the house half naked, and d) make sure I’m alert enough to operate a motor vehicle. We Can Do Hard Things!

Which leads me back to the post. It’s 8:00pm (see? two hours lost in food, scribbling, and basketball practice transportation) and this is it. This is what we’ve got. But out of a sense of self preservation and the desperate desire not to drive off the road tomorrow morning I’m calling it a day.

Happy Thursday, folks.