1.  A little gem called Tiger King was trending #1 in the U.S. yesterday. Don’t ask me to explain this. I’ve heard it described as “some straight-up white people sh*t” and I’m guessing that’s not far off the mark.

2.  Something called Ozark rolls in at #2. I dunno, man, I haven’t seen this either but I don’t know that now’s the time since it’s labeled as both “dark” and “ominous” by Netflix.

3.  And I just realized my plan to run down the Netflix top ten trending is trashed because I’ve only seen one of these shows. One. Clearly I’m not Netflix trendy. Okey-dokey, new plan!

4.  Gilmore Girls is one of my comfort series. I started rewatching it when we went into lockdown, and I think the fact that it took me three weeks to finish speaks to my impressive self-control. Granted, there are seven seasons, but still.

5.  After no less than a dozen glowing recommendations I finally watched the first episode of Schitt$ Creek and It Is Hysterical. Seriously, guys, check it out.

6.  In the mood for costumes and choreography with some pretty snazzy singing to boot? Glee can’t be beat when it comes to toe tapping episodes. I mean yeah, there were a few tearjerkers but don’t ask me ‘cuz I’m not dishing out spoilers.

7.   Ooh, and The Good Place is sooooo awesome!! Sharp and funny, quick witted and absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend.

8.  We’re currently in a Flash marathon. It’s flashy fun if you’ll forgive the pun, the only downside being the writers completely suck at writing dialogue for villains. Seriously, man, I cringe every time one of them opens their mouth. Ugh. [Disclaimer: I’m not a lifelong fan of the comic and I understand the folks who are can be intense. If you’re a hardcore DC Comics fan just know that I have absolutely no idea what you’ll think of this show.]

9.  Atypical serves up family, parenting, teens, first loves, school, dating, marriage, and being different with a quirky sense of humor that keeps you coming back for more.

10.  Now for a quick look at the nope, can’t do it crowd. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak because that’s hitting just a little too close to home right now, You because the last thing I need is terrifying dreams about being hunted down by an obsessive crazy guy, and American Horror Story because absolutely positively not.


Got something great you’re watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime right now? Drop it in the comments – I have a feeling I’ll need a lot more viewing material in the months ahead. Happy Monday!