1.  So last night I started the Monday rundown. I opened my laptop, launched a new post, and stared at the blinking cursor with a sense of foreboding. What on earth is there to talk about from this weekend?

2.  Maybe you’d be interested in hearing about how we didn’t go out to dinner again. Or how we didn’t see a movie. Or go roller skating or hit the mall or grab sundaes at the soda shoppe. We are stunningly interesting these days.

3.  There’s the new picks in the carpet I need to patch because yay for dogs and cats with nails who love to scrub themselves across the rug.

4.  Or my Glee marathon that’s slowly sucked in my entire family.

5.  I tell ya, it’s all just too.much.excitement.for.any.one.girl.

6.  I guess there was that impressive moment when I had to track down Bear to help me with a bandaid. As they say the meal prep must go on and it’s unseemly to bleed into dinner ingredients. All the best chefs say so.

7.  What else, what else…no, I didn’t make chocolate chip cookies from scratch this weekend but to be fair neither did anyone else here.

8.  I did make salsa from scratch but that barely made it past Sunday night. By the end of today it’ll be Gone Baby Gone.

9.  Cheesy chips and salsa, mmm. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.

10.  Oh! I guess there is one thing. We had to re-landscape (is that a word?) in the fall because some weird disease was killing off the bush trees between us and the neighbors plus the little paver retaining wall had fallen. Anyhoo, they put in knockout roses and at the time I was all eh, okay fine while feeling decidedly unfine about it. “Knockout roses” just didn’t sound great to me but they’ve bloomed, you guys, and they’re super pretty! So there’s that. Happy Monday.