1.  I could do laundry tips or fur babies or grammarly.com’s commercials.

2.  I’ve also caught some real doozies in political tv ads lately. The one where an elderly woman is traumatized by the burglar crashing through her back door while a voiceover says there’ll be no police to help her in Biden’s America is particularly pointed.

3.  Trump and his “I approve this message” can kiss my ass.

4.  Then there’s how I managed to pour a healthy dollop of ranch dip down my armchair.

5.  Except now my brain pops off into holy-hell-it’s-ferociously-hot world.

6.  I’m supposed to go running tomorrow morning. RUNNING. I have serious concerns about this.

7.  Someone remind me why I thought Couch to 5k was a good idea in the hellscape that is North Carolina summer? ‘Cause I’m drawing a blank.

8.  I also draw a blank on what we’re gonna have for dinner this week. Seriously. I’ve got nothing.

9.  But I’d better figure out something ’cause it’s not like I can go to the store without a list. That’s how I end up back home with snack food, eggs, cheddar cheese, and no milk.

10.  So I could do laundry tips or fur babies or grammarly.com’s commercials but I think I’ll just wrap this one up and say better luck tomorrow. Peace out.