gratitude: little bits o’ joy

In honor of all the things that bring a little bit of joy to my life…

  • full fat creamer in a hot cup of coffee
  • squishy flip flops
  • white fluffy clouds in a true blue sky
  • being able to photograph the kids even when they’re going full speed
  • Tide™ pens ‘cuz, you know, clumsiness
  • yellow daffodils
  • clean water to drink
  • danish. really good danish.
  • yummy smelling body wash
  • soft, smooth, comfy leggings

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

4 thoughts on “gratitude: little bits o’ joy

  1. I’d wear my sandals right now but I think me toes would be a tad bit cold and could turn kinda red then blue. I’d be “Look at that. blue toes and no socks. who woulda thunk it?”

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    • Avoiding blue toes should be a life goal, I believe…
      I’m heading off to volunteer & lunch in shorts and sandals. NC is having the most bizarre season (or we’re going to spontaneously combust come summer).


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