Six days until…because everybody loves a countdown, right?

Six days until we’re celebrating next weekend’s arrival. Sometimes it feels like we live weekend to weekend — TGIF and all that jazz. It’s become less so for me over the years, probably because I stay home with the kids, so days are days. But during the school year when activities are high and patience runs low? Heck yeah, TGIF.

Six days until a certain family member has turned twenty. TWENTY. I remember when this kid was born and we were all omg, it’s a baby, how did we get this old? And here we are, twenty years later thinking omg, how did we get this old, Bee? Just kidding. I’m totally grooving on these later years, kid-wise.

Six days until I’ve entered hardcore planning mode for the family lake week. I’ve declared the theme of this year’s week: EASY. This is the official theme, I’m thinking about having t-shirts made and everything, but regardless of intentions we still have to get from here to there with, you know, stuff. But whatever. EASY.

Six days until we’re officially into the Last Month of Summer Vacation Before School Starts. (Dum, dum, duuuuummmmmm.) I’ve got one itching to go back already and another who looks like I’m pulling teeth whenever I mention academics so it’s good times up in here. Have I mentioned they have summer reading this year? Both are loving the books they’re in but I tell you, it’s taking everything I have not to be all “are you almost done? because you have a second book you need to read and I don’t want you to rush it and feel like it’s a horrible chore because that’s gonna kill any chance of you liking it so are you reading enough?” I’m committed to stepping back and giving them responsibility for their own learning. Unless they’re not on to the second book by the end of the month…

Six days until…well, six days until I’m listening to the next NPR roundup of the headlines of the day. The NATO visit and now demonstrations in London…some Scotland golf over the weekend and then a visit with Putin on Monday…heaven only knows what we’ll be talking about next Friday.

As for now? More coffee. Gotta run.

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