1.  Bear graciously included me in dinner plans Friday night with her friend. That’s only a smidge of snarkiness there, mostly because I was explicitly not invited to dine with the tweens the last time plans came up. I was invited to pay for it, yes indeed, but it was gently suggested I might sit “someplace else” in the restaurant. Bwahahaha!!

2.  After some nibbles we wandered around the outdoor mall for a bit. Me. And two twelve-year-old girls. Wandering. Around a mall. Yep.

3.  I’m gonna need someone to explain the power of Victoria’s Secret Pink to me. And not for nothing but “Hey, mom, can we go to Victoria’s Secret?” tops the list of things that never in a million years would I have ever EVER said to my mom. Ever.

4.  You have to walk a fine line hitting up Pink with a couple of tweens. Can’t hover too close because awkward, can’t leave the store because possibility of pervy men looking at skimpy undies. This leaves meandering pointlessly around the room, maintaining a reasonable distance between all parties. Close enough to overhear most of what’s happening but far enough away that they don’t feel like I know what’s happening.

5.  No one really talks about how much of parenting is a high wire act.

6.  Kudos to the stranger who studiously avoided eye contact in the store as I praised Bear for body positivity while simultaneously giving an emphatic Hell No to the tube top option. Bless.

7.  On Saturday we took the kids to see the movie The Hate U Give and oh.my.word. I’m blogging about it this week because there’s no way can I do it justice in a Monday morning rundown. It’s a powerful movie. Go. See it. You won’t be sorry.

8.  Putting up this week’s calendar gave me a bit of the heart palpitations. I just keep telling myself one foot in front of the other and I’ll get where I need to be in the end. Cross your fingers I don’t forget something big along the way.

9.  So the calendar’s packed through Thursday. Packed! Me, the kids, school, volunteering – it hit hard this week. On the plus side some relief will be coming over the weekend. I’ve learned to protect those hours for recharging with ferocity.

10.  Last night’s youth group lesson had to do with understanding our worth and leaving behind our baggage. Know your worth – one of the lessons driven home in The Hate U Give. I hope my kids are picking up some of that.