Okay, guys, looks like it’s time to introduce our newest fur baby. Say hello to Kaia.

What on earth would possess you to get another kitten, Laura? Your life isn’t crazy enough?? Well, that’s a hard point to argue since yes, life is pretty crazy, but I can’t say that the fur babies are to blame for that. Except when Gracie was eating bags of Advil. That sure cranked up the stress levels around here, but generally speaking the world at large deserves the crazy blame. Still, much like Mia, this is more a case of the kitten found me.

You remember gem? Turns out she’s some sort of lost kitty magnet because this little beauty turned up in the wheel well of her neighbor’s truck at the crack of dawn. She was startled and ran into the garage then spent the morning meowing her little heart out behind their trash can until gem scooped her up to keep her safe that afternoon. Long story short, Bear and I brought her home to foster. Did we fall right in love with her? Absolutely, but I told the kids over and over (okay, I told myself, too) that if any of us were allergic or things slid sideways then we’d have to find her another home.

Fast forward two and a half weeks and this little snookums has worked her magic on all of us.