when your retriever throws it into reverse

Gracie became part of our family for a number of reasons.  BrightSide wanted a puppy, one that would grow up with the kids.  A family dog for play and snuggling.

Sure, we specifically chose a golden but not so much for the retriever aspect.  We just wanted a big, goofy dog to love, so it wasn’t a game changer when Gracie didn’t seem to grasp the whole fetch concept.  Did I think it was weird?  Yeah, kind of, since I figured retrieving was in her blood.

But things turned really weird once Gracie started this pseudo fetching thing.


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’tis the season, fur ball style

Those of you following the Gracie saga know this dog is trouble with a capital T.  Adorable, precious, loyal, but definitely Trouble.  If we’d had a crystal ball in the beginning then naming this dog would have been a piece of cake.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of her shenanigans here or here or here.

We’ve got a history.  It’s not like we aren’t aware she’ll eat anything and everything, and yet we keep getting caught off guard.  So you can imagine the situation around here now that the holiday decorations are out.  Jesus, take the wheel.

Now, the rundown on Gracie’s oopsie moments before we’re waist deep in Christmas spirit.

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a dog’s life, butts and otherwise

Owning a dog demands a certain willingness to abandon even the illusion of dignity, often within your own home.  Sure, your adorable pooch could beg for scraps during Thanksgiving dinner, but she’s just as likely to air out her nether regions on the dining room floor.  No matter that cousin Missy wants to impress her new fiancé – as far as dog priorities go, hooches are high on the list.

No matter your family traditions, your decor, your station in life – it’s hard to act all snooty while there’s a furry va-jay-jay flopping around on the floor.

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I didn’t even know an eyeball could do that. Yikes.

Gracie gets a lot of play on RFTM.  Not because I’m amping up her antics – if anything, I might be playing them down so we don’t look like totally irresponsible pet owners – but because I find writing about her cathartic.  Somehow being able to send “my dog ate my lunch, a sponge, and half the kid’s shoe” out into the universe helps keep the pet crazy in perspective.  It helps me remember, no matter what nonsense she throws my way, Gracie’s lovey doveyness more than balances the scales.


Plus she’s never actually needed ER intervention.  Which is more than I can say for these two.


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well deserved canine notoriety (you can call her Gracie Baby)

So it seems Gracie’s famous, and why shouldn’t she be?  Furry, cuddly, adorable, with energy to spare and big brown eyes that melt even the hardest heart.  She’s famous for much more than her looks though.  Gracie’s ability to devour everything from household items to massive amounts of food is a big part of her notoriety.

Well, that and the fact that we haven’t tossed her out the front door yet.

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Report vs. Reality: doggy day care style (spoiler alert – my dog steals your dog’s food)

We have the best kennel ever.  I won’t lie, geography is a huge positive.  It’s awesome that they’re right down the street, but it’s really the people who make it special.  Those folks love my dogs as much as I do, and believe me…Gracie and Phoebe know it. 

These two scamps spend time in doggy day care while they’re sleeping over at Mike’s place (as I like to put it), and without nanny cams I often find myself wondering where the real truth lies in how they did during their stay.

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