Lordy, I tested my parents’ patience with a miniskirt phase in the ninth grade. It was the kind of stretchy tight black mini that looked perfect as long as you didn’t, say, try to move. Standing there in the hall I looked cooler than cool but the second I walked it scrunched ever so slowly up my legs. Suddenly I was stuck trying to find a cool way to not break stride while casually tugging it back into place which, I might point out, wasn’t an easy thing to do. And if you dropped something on the floor? Well, you might as well forget about that.

Of course that was the 80s so I had plenty of company.

Later in life the world offered a flip with maxi dresses. Did you join in this trend? It was such a refreshing idea – long, flowy dresses that skimmed the tops of your feet. They made me think of warm beaches and long summer nights. When it was too hot to even consider dress pants I could slip on a maxi dress and feel put together. Ironically the trouble with those came with movement, too. They worked best with heels to lessen the chance of tripping on the hem but seeing as I’m not a big fan of heels and they certainly don’t jive with dressy casual beachy-ness you can see the problem.

Can someone please tell me why women’s fashion is so dang difficult??

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