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No L.  The day after Valentine’s Day.  The holiday celebrating Love.  I count five Ls in those sentences alone…don’t think I’ll be tackling that one today.

Challenge courtesy of The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

My Winter Rant

Granted, we’re not in one of those snowy states, but it’s not as if we’re in Georgia.  We do get winter weather.

Every winter.  Every year.

Is it snow?  Much to my kids’ dismay, not often enough.  Winter weather here means anything from the rare snow to icy rain – but more often than not we get ice.  Super fun ice.

Ice that coats the streets, making roads hazardous.  Ice that packs down snow, making roads hazardous.  A section of ice between snows, making the road (you guessed it) hazardous.

And what happens when driving is dangerous?  Kids stay home.

That’s not my rant, though.  I don’t want buses out on icy roads any more than you do, and I don’t want to risk an accident driving on those streets either.  My beef is with the program for attendance, August through June.  (Sheesh, that’s way too many words to avoid saying ca#endar.)

Our state requires 180 days of instruction per year for students.  How many student days do we have arranged?  180.  Not a day over 180.  There are teacher workdays, yes, but only 180 student days contracted.

The kids have been attending an institution of education for six years now, and each of those years it’s been the same.  180 days.

You know another thing that’s been the same about each of those years?  We’ve had winter weather for every freaking one of them.

So you might wonder…why don’t they just add in extra time from the beginning so we don’t end up cramming in make-up days?

Yeah.  I wonder about that, too.