I know several people who work with millennials these days…this one’s for you.

“Most job-seeking millennials are so focused on overcompensating for their millennialness on their resume that they’re missing opportunities to sell their sought-after skill set.  What millennials lack in legitimate career experience they make up for in ambition, GIFs, and slang that will make you feel old…To jumpstart your millennial resume revamp, take inspiration from this attempt at what an honest millennial resume would look like.

Career Summary

Bright, on fleek, detail-oriented, dependable af, creative, selfie-starting, ninja-leader-team player looks to build upon skills in a challenging new role…

My base salary requirements for my next position fall within the $100,000 to $1,000,000 range. This figure is based on my own audacious inflation of the value of my skills and my parents recent threat to stop paying my iPhone data plan.”

What An Honest Millennial Resume Would Look Like – Sass & Balderdash