for those raised below the Mason-Dixon

The joys of a Southern childhood are plentiful, and the guidelines of Southern parenting are golden.

1. Thou shalt monogram.

Do those initials look good on a diaper bag?  As a Southern parent, you will be monogramming anything that doesn’t move, so this is a serious consideration when naming your baby.  But whatever you do, don’t forget the last name goes in the middle!  Douglas Grant Olson can’t be seen with a crimson and white “DOG” bag.  Lord have mercy, no.

The 10 Commandments Of Being A Southern Parent: Scary Mommy

5 thoughts on “for those raised below the Mason-Dixon

    • That was a phrase I learned from the movies, I think! I was so surprised to learn it was an actual thing…but I can only imagine the dread it must have evoked as you had to walk back with it. Yikes.


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