SoCS – Miss Manner Tourettes

I’m fine.

It’s a response as deeply ingrained in me as please and thank you, calling my elders Miss and Mr., and holding the door for the person behind me. Basically a reflex, really. A lot like the gag reflex that gets triggered when the Urgent Care doctor attacks the back of my throat with that god awful Q-tip the size of a skewer.

That’s only me? Oh. Well. It’s like that.

“How are you doing?” Oh, I’m fine. My teen is testing every limit and my tween has lied straight to my face this week and I’m pretty sure the dog is gonna puke while I’m out of the house today. How are you?

It’s like having Miss Manners Tourettes. Or being a compulsive liar with a perpetually sunny outlook. To-may-toe, to-mah-toe.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt this week is “fine.” Click on over and check out her blog.

11 thoughts on “SoCS – Miss Manner Tourettes

  1. I once worked with a guy who used to give the long and true answer to “how are you?” After the peeing-through-a-strainer-after-kidney-stones incident, people stopped asking.

    I hope you have a nice weekend. Boys straighten out around 18-20. Girls around 25. You’ll be fine.

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