I ran across a tweet this morning that’s basically summed up my week.

If you haven’t said “WTF?” at least once today, are you really even a parent?

Real American Dadass @R_A_Dadass

This. Exactly this.

Then Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt popped up as “letter” and BAM, we’re off and running. Gotta love it when the stars align like that.

So without further ado, here are some other acronyms I find particularly useful.

WTH.  For those bewildering moments that don’t quite rise to the firecracker occasion of WTF.

OTW.  Okay, this is cracking me up. Not because I actually use this one but because we recently found out On The Way for me and Bear means Other Than White to T-man. Which threw a kink in our plan when we tried to shoot him a quick text that we were coming home.

SOS.  An excellent shorthand for sending up the flare when everything’s gone to hell in a hand basket at home.

AKA.  This sounds all mysterious and spylike, but really I just love having an option for alternatives. Because sometimes things just aren’t as they seem.

RSVP.  Sure, not everyone can spell the French equivalent, but I still say it’s handy as can be. Don’t get me started on getting people to actually do an RSVP. Apparently that takes some sort of wizardry skills.

T&A.  For Test and Adjust, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Linda’s stream of consciousness is part of our Saturday tomfoolery. This week’s prompt is “letter” – use it in your post or theme your post on any meaning of the word letter.