Oh to be young, bright, and outright inspired by the world around you. Sometimes it’s easy to lose among the day to day weight of being, you know, a grownup and such. But put those problems in the light of day and they don’t seem quite so impossibly large, right? So here’s what I’m thinking.

Let’s work on l-i-g-h-t-i-n-g this mess UP. We’re talking Broadway spotlight level visuals, enough wattage to scorch the earth and bring back that bright, shiny, happy glow of youth. That’s doable, right? Right??

That’s what the commercials try to sell me anyway. Magic creams and cleansers, exfoliants and peels, all designed to buff me into a nice smooth version of myself. One with that healthy, not-a-thing-in-the-world-wrong-with-me glow. Like a cleansing routine could really pull that one off. Sheesh.

Think we should stick with the massive spotlight theory.

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