Gracie, Gracie, Gracie…such a big fluffikins.  Such an adorable face.  Such an incorrigible mess.


Gracie tally as of 12/11/16:

  • A Kind peanut butter breakfast bars box from our recycling pile.  After that smell she much have been so disappointed when there wasn’t a stash of delicious Jif smeared inside.
  • One boring, tasteless, frozen Eggo waffle straight off T-man’s plate.  Sad.  So very sad.
  • Texas Roadhouse steak fries.  Bear stepped slightly to the right and that was all it took for Gracie to see her opportunity and lunge.  Voilà!  One side of potatoes for the furry canine.
  • Leftover Chinese takeout rice.  Bear had scooped hers into a bowl and was almost ready to microwave it when Gracie made her move.  With big fat paws on the counter, Gracie stuck her nose in and lapped that rice up like a fat cat with a bowl of milk.
  • My niece’s sock.  Granted, it was stuffed inside a shoe left on the floor and yeah, my niece is fully aware of Gracie’s shenanigans, but still.  It’s more than a little embarrassing to have to hand someone her sock with an enormous drooly hole in it.
  • Half the wrist on a simple cotton glove.  Oops.
  • A roll of paper towels.
  • A ziplock bag full of dog treats.  To get to them Gracie had to clear off the entire dryer, knocking aside scarves and dryer sheets, until she reached the good stuff.
  • Part of a toilet paper roll.
  • Apparently our Gracie felt the need to clean her belly again.  This info was on a time delay, which is always a nice surprise.  Bear approached me the day after Gracie had consumed half a roll of toilet paper and mentioned that she was pretty sure she’d eaten a bar of soap while foraging in the bathroom.  Not great news, but it did explain some of her hinky behavior the day before.

And so it goes…