SoCS – our ’tis the season mindset

‘Tis the season.  I hear this all over the place throughout December – ’tis the season! ’tis the season! – you honestly can’t get away from the sentiment.  Today’s prompt brought it to mind and, as often happens, one thing led to another and now my brain is all fired up about this:

What makes December the end all, be all of ’tis the season?  Yeah, yeah, it’s got Christmas (and Hanukkah and Kwanza, but I doubt the ’tis-the-season-ers are going on about those) so it’s not like I think it doesn’t deserve a ’tis the season.  I suppose I’m wondering why we don’t have more of it throughout the year.

‘Tis the season (mostly) inspires the best in us.  It encourages us to be our best selves, to help a little more, to judge a little less.  ‘Tis the season could mean sharing coats in January or helping plant a community garden in the spring.  It means watching out for the elderly when the temperatures fall and looking out for the home insecure all year ’round.  ‘Tis the season is a mindset, a way of life.

I, for one, think we could use a little more of it.

Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt drops in on Saturday’s.  This week’s prompt is “season.”

SoCS – Be Who You Are

It’s pretty cool seeing your kids grow into their individuality.  I’ve always been a big proponent of Be Who You Are, so I find it ironic that sometimes I’m still taken aback by differences in our kids.  Like I temporarily forgot the whole “kids are individuals” concept.

T-man and Bear show this most markedly right now in their involvement with school events.  T-man has shown zero interest in school sports, clubs, or extracurricular activities like games or dances.  Sometimes I wonder if he dislikes school so much that the thought of spending additional time there voluntarily borders on inconceivable.

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gratitude: nature taking pity on the overheated

August in the south. Temps upwards of 90 degrees. Humidity ranging at 80% or so. Sticky car seats and damp t-shirts and smelly pits.

Good times.

But then nature sends the glorious gift of a cold front (which, in August, isn’t quite as dramatic as winter’s). Temperatures ease downward like a silky smooth elevator ride and suddenly you’re stepping out into a cool morning. Dew on the grass, crisp breeze in your face. Next thing you know it’s September and autumn is inching even closer.


the impossible conundrum of phone dependence (and why I can’t give mine up)

If you’re looking for a double standard in our house you need look no further than technology.  Both my kids are currently convinced I’m out to ruin them for-eh-ver since I’ve taken their phones (gasp), but mine might as well be padlocked to my belt.  It’s practically an appendage, and one I’m quite fond of.  The thought of frying it puts me in a cold sweat and losing the thing would cause a five alarm crisis around here.

Not because of my solitaire score…more because our life runs off the features on this handy dandy piece of technology.

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we have a new world order and nobody bothered to tell me

“Do you have any children?”

“No.  My husband has cystic fibrosis so we weren’t able to have kids.”


“We tried to adopt in 2015 but they told us no.”  [voice drops to a whisper]  “Unless you’re single or gay you don’t get the kids today.”

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph – what on earth?!

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Share Your World 8/14/17

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time?

I intend to turn the lights off behind me, I really do.  I even think I’ve done it most of the time, but the rate at which BrightSide walks around the house exclaiming, “Doesn’t anyone turn off the lights when they leave a room?!?” indicates otherwise.  Then again, we have kids, so…

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 

I’d take a couple of girlfriends off for a weekend of pizza, kicking back, delicious drinks, and gabfest.

Complete this sentence: My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is…

Check my e-mail.  Dorky, I know.  I play solitaire on there but it doesn’t rise to the level of “love.”

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Heather Heyer’s last Facebook post:  “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

Cee’s Share Your World questions come out on Mondays.  Check out the photography on her blog!

one totally unhip mom’s translation of Hot 100 song titles

Full disclosure:  Being as unhip as I can possibly be, just because I’m writing about it doesn’t mean that I’ve heard it.  Frankly, I didn’t have the wine on hand necessary to listen to multiple hits off the Hot 100 list yesterday.  This is the result.

I’m The One – DJ Khaled et. al

Well, Khaled’s mama doesn’t need to worry herself about self-esteem issues.  This fella’s got oodles and oodles.  DJ Khaled’s got so much confidence he’ll even record with Justin Bieber without worrying his rep will take a hit.

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